Organic Tattva Organic Fenugreek 150g


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Organic Tattva Organic Fenugreek is also known as Methi in Hindi is one of the most commonly used organic spice to give an elegant taste to the food. It has several culinary and medicinal benefits and has been used since ancient times. Organic Fenugreek, unlike regular spices, is free of any adulteration or chemicals that are utilized in the processing of typical average food. These chemicals and unnatural adulterants are poisonous and not suitable for human consumption. Organic Food is hundred percent natural and is free from any adulteration that has made it a perfect healthy alternative to regular food. Buy Organic Fenugreek and many other organic products at Deshse.

Organic Fenugreek helps in relief from fever, stomach disorders, respiratory disorders, sore throat, diabetes and many other health ailments. It also helps in reducing cholesterol and aid prevention of heart diseases. Organic Tattva Organic Fenugreek is a pure organic product and is obtained using organic practices. Thus, it is free from any fertilizers and pesticides which are used a lot in regular farming practices. Buy Organic Fenugreek from the best organic store online in India, Deshse.

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Organic Tattva Organic Fenugreek 150g

Organic Tattva Organic Fenugreek 150g