Organic Tattva Organic Cumin Whole 100g


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Organic Tattva Organic Cumin Whole also known as zeera in hindi is used widely in Indian cooking for adding flavor and creamy taste to several cuisines and delicacies. It has a very exotic aroma and when added to food adds a unique taste. Organic Cumin Whole is very different from regular zeera as it is free from any mix of adulterants like commercial preservative and additives that are mixed in the regular food item. These adulterants are artificial chemicals which are toxic in nature; consumption of them can have a side effect to health and body. Organic food is free from such adulterants and has all the nutrients intact together as they are natural and authentic. Buy Organic Cumin Whole and browse through several organic spices online at Deshse.

Organic Cumin Whole has extensive usage for culinary and therapeutic purposes. Zeera is usually added in various Indian foods to give a pungent taste. It has been used an important spice since ancient times and is rich in minerals, carbohydrates, dietary fiber and many more nutrients. Organic Tattva Organic Cumin Whole is a hundred percent organic spice as it cultivated from organic farms that use only natural farming techniques. It is, therefore, free from exposure to poisonous pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer that are usually used in regular agricultural practice. Buy Organic Cumin Whole from Deshse your one stop destination to organic food online.

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Organic Tattva Organic Cumin Whole 100g

Organic Tattva Organic Cumin Whole 100g