Organic Tattva Natural Rock Salt 500g


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Organic Tattva Natural Rock Salt is a perfect alternative to regular table salt. It has extensive uses and is considered healthy and nutritious. Natural Rock Salt unlike regular salt is much richer in nutrients as it doesn't contain any permitted additive or preservative that is toxic, unhealthy and poisonous in nature. These chemical substances are not at all suitable for human consumption and use of them on a regular basis can have severe side effects and damages to the body and health. Organic natural food is free from such adulteration and is much healthier than regular food item as they are obtained using a natural method. Buy Natural Rock Salt and other organic everyday products at Deshse the best online organic store in India.

Natural Rock Salt is obtained without any processing and is free from chemicals that are added to regular salt. It has a host of health benefits and has a crystal coarse texture as it is obtained naturally. Organic Tattva Natural Rock Salt is hundred percent organic and is certified under the US, EU and Indian standards of organic food. It is rich in magnesium, copper, calcium, iron and much more minerals that make it a perfect way to add salt to your daily food. Buy Natural Rock Salt at Deshse the leading organic online store in India.

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Organic Tattva Natural Rock Salt 500g

Organic Tattva Natural Rock Salt 500g