Organic Tattva Organic Mix Dal 500g


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Organic Tattva Organic Mix Dal is known as panchmel dal in hindi that is used to make delicious and nutritious dal that is best eaten with roti, rice or bread. It has a unique taste, aroma, and flavor that feel fantastic. Organic Mix Dal is a better alternative to regular dal of the same as it is hundred percent natural and doesn't contain any preservative or additives that are usually used in the processing of regular food. These chemicals are not suitable for consumption as they are toxic in nature. Organic food is free from such adulteration and is hundred percent natural; they are also better in taste and rich in nutrients. Buy Organic Mix Dal and other organic dals at Deshse.

Organic Mix Dal is made by mixing five dals - organic arhar, moong chikla, masoor malka split, urad dal split and chana dal. This gives it the name of panchmel dal; it is widely used in the Rajasthan state of India and has an excellent taste. Organic Tattva Organic Mix Dal is hundred percent organic as each ingredient of it is grown and cultivate under an organic environment that keeps it free from any fertilizer or chemical that is usually used on crops in regular farming practices. Buy Organic Mix Dal at Deshse the best online marketplace for organic food.

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Organic Tattva Organic Mix Dal 500g

Organic Tattva Organic Mix Dal 500g