Organic Tattva Organic Rajma Chitra 500g


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Organic Tattva Organic Rajma Chitra is known as spickled kidney beans and has a unique taste and flavor. It is used in Indian cooking for making delicious delicacies and cuisines which go well with roti, rice, and bread. Organic Rajma Chitra is much tastier than the regular food of the same as it doesn't contain any additive or preservative that is mixed in regular food item during the processing. These chemicals are artificial substances poisonous in nature; daily consumption of this food can have ill effects on the health. Organic food has been known worldwide for its true nature and taste; it is also natural and free from any adulteration. Buy Organic Rajma Chitra and also other organic products like spices, rice, and juice at Deshse.

Organic Rajma Chitra is creamy pink in color and is different from organic red rajma. When cooked with organic spices like cumin, coriander, cinnamon, black pepper and chilies it gives a unique flavor and aroma. Organic Tattva Rajma Chitra is grown in the cold climate of Kashmir and is hundred percent organic. It is, therefore, free from any exposure to fertilizers or pesticides that are used in farming practices to protect the crop from the pest. Buy Organic Rajma Chitra from the best online organic store in India, Deshse.

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Organic Tattva Organic Rajma Chitra 500g

Organic Tattva Organic Rajma Chitra 500g