Organic Tattva Organic Red Rajma 500g


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Organic Tattva Organic Red Rajma is also known as kidney beans are used widely in Indian cooking to prepare mouth-watering curries that taste perfect with rice, roti or bread. It is known for its nutritional value and excellent taste. Organic Red Rajma, unlike regular rajma, is much healthier as it doesn't contain any preservative that is mixed during the packaging of regular food. These synthetic adulterants are considered not healthy and toxic in nature consumption of them over an extended period of time can have an adverse effect on the body. Organic food is known worldwide for the health enriching character and true nature; they have the authentic taste to it. Buy Organic Red Rajma and browse through a wide range of organic products online in India at Deshse.

Organic Red Rajma, when cooked with organic whole spices like cumin, clove, cinnamon, etc., tastes beautiful and delicious. It is popularly eaten with rice and goes with the name of rajma chawal. Organic Tattva Red Rajma is purely organic and hundred percent natural, it is grown under organic standards and free from any use of fertilizers or chemicals that are usually used in regular agricultural practices. Buy Organic Red Rajma from Deshse the best online marketplace for organic food shopping in India.

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Organic Tattva Organic Red Rajma 500g

Organic Tattva Organic Red Rajma 500g