Orna Organic Red Rice Poha 500g


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Buy Organic Red Poha Online At Desh Se

Desh Se brings you a nutritious range of organic breakfast cereals. Poha is the most popular light meal in the list of breakfast cereals. You can prepare plenty of nutritious recipes from poha. Here we have included organic red poha in the catalogue to increase your metabolism, help you in maintaining weight, and top of that it is diabetic friendly.

Organic red poha is prepared very carefully from the red rice. Rice is firstly parboiled, then flattened by pounding to remove the husk. It takes 2 days to dry the flattened rice and in the partial process of fermentation the probiotic bacteria and other vitamins are enhanced. Poha is commonly known by other names such as flattened rice, beaten rice and red aval or red avalakki or Atukulu in some parts of India.

The energising breakfast meal prepared from organic red poha is high in fibre and rich in proteins. It is an exquisite product from Orna Foods. It is diabetes-friendly with a nutty flavour. Fresh vegetables add nutrients, minerals and vitamins to your healthy light meal.

Buy organic red poha online from Desh Se, the prices offered are best with exceptional quality. The food packs come in zip lock pouches that keep the ingredients fresh until the time you consume it. All products are 100% natural, certified from USDA NOP & INDIA NPOP.

Order your healthy pack of organic red poha online now and relish nutrition.

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Orna Organic Red Rice Poha 500g

Orna Organic Red Rice Poha 500g